Health food Workshops

Every Tuesday, come multiply your senses by taking part in our CONSCIOUS EATING workshop. In the company of our dietician CORINNE LEBLAY DUCAUD and our DOCTOR-SOPHROLOGIST, discover another way to eat in full consciousness.

Moreover, several times in the year, our dietician and the DOCTEUR MORGAN – specialist in NUTRITIONAL and FUNCTIONAL medicine animate a Health food Workshop where guests are invited in a fun and friendly atmosphere of the hotel.



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Monday to Sunday 7 am to 9.30 pm

Sietetic workshop

CORINNE LEBLAY DUCAUD is our dietitian and expert nutritionist at MIRAMAR LACIGALE. Several times during the year she invites the hotel guests to take part in fun and friendly health nutrition workshops.

The WORKSHOPS often begin with a True/False quiz on nutrition. The answers to the questions are used to illustrate and explain in detail some of the notions and also to help participants to adopt good eating habits. Did you know for example that margarine and butter had the same calorie content, or that you need to swim for thirty minutes to burn off the calories contained in two scoops of ice-cream?

The workshops last a little over an hour and are delivered in small groups of 7 to 8 participants. They are free and you must reserve with our CONCIERGE if you would like to take part in a session.

Healthy food

As part of the workshops, Dr MORGAN will explain his work in NUTRITIONAL and FUNCTIONAL medicine. Nutritional medicine aims at optimising the functions of the cells, tissues and organs, with the patients’ health as main objective. It takes into account the interaction between the environment and the individual’s functioning. A diet that is not adapted with one’s digestive capacity created the conditions for chronic diseases and early ageing.

Based on knowledge drawn from human physiology and biochemistry as well as the latest clinical studies, Integrative Medicine is used to carry out a specific nutritional assessment and complements the whole. Its methods are natural: personalised health nutrition diet, and if necessary, prescription of phytotherapy, micronutrition, homeopathy or aromatherapy.

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