Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about food service

What type of cuisine is on offer?

Miramar La Cigale offers healthy, light, gourmet and varied cuisine with an emphasis on seafood for lunch and dinner at its restaurant le Safran and gastronomic restaurant Le BE

Do you have a restaurant with a slimline menu?

Miramar La Cigale offers healthy food with in its gastronomic restaurant Le BE.

Is there an extra charge for the gastronomic restaurant Le BE ?

There is no surcharge for to eat in our gastronomique restaurant Le BE at Miramar La Cigale.

Are the lunch and dinner menus different?

Miramar La Cigale offers a different lunch and dinner menu every day. The Gastronomic Restaurant Le BE proposes a different menu every night.

Do you offer a seafood buffet in the evening?

Every Thursday & Sunday evening, Miramar La Cigale’s head chef invites you to his Fisherman’s Buffet.

If I don’t like seafood, fish or meat or if I have any allergies, what should I do?

You can contact the reservation team and they will be able to check with the chef what can be prepared for you.

What are the restaurants’ opening hours?

Breakfast is served from 7-10h30, lunch is from 12h15-14h30 and dinner is from 19h15-21h30.

Do you offer baby meals?

We offer a menu with baby meals, they can be requested once you’re there.

Can my children be looked after during my meal?

We can offer you babysitting services. You can find out more about prices and reservations with our concierge service.

Is there a bar to relax at?

The panoramic bar Le Goéland welcomes you into a warm and cosy atmosphere every evening from 10h to 23h.

What is the evening dress code?

For dinner, appropriate attire is required.

What is the midday dress code?

You can have lunch in a dressing gown at our restaurant.

Questions about thalassotherapy

Can my thalasso treatment be reimbursed by social security?

Social security does not cover thalasso treatments. They fall under well-being.

How is my thalasso treatment organised upon arrival?

This is planned in advance. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be given an appointment at the thalassotherapy reception to be able to go over your schedule of treatments.

Can I do my treatments every morning/afternoon?

It is possible to book treatments every morning or afternoon for a surcharge of €67 for 6 days

When is the best time to do a treatment?

A thalasso treatment can be done at any time throughout the year or with every change of season for specific benefits.

How long does a treatment session take?

Depending on what you want or if you have a medical condition, a six-day treatment  is recommended to truly get the most out of it.

What temperature is the water in the swimming pools?

Swimming pools are heated to 32°C.

How many swimming pools are there?

Miramar La Cigale has 2 heated swimming pools and 3 seawater pools.

Do you provide bathrobes?

Bathrobes as well as spa sandals are provided in the rooms if you are a guest at the hotel.

Should I bring sandals?

Sandals are offered to all the thalasso spa users and those receiving treatments.

Should I bring a towel?

Towels are also provided.

Should I wear a one piece or two-piece bathing suit?

You can choose to wear a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit as you wish.

Are boxer shorts allowed?

Boxer shorts are not allowed. Only swimming trunks are accepted for men.

Should I bring a swimming cap?

A swimming cap is not mandatory.

Which treatments can be done in a bathing suit?

All treatments apart from the shiatsu, the Thai massage, the Dien Cham, somatic psychotherapy, Hypopressive exercise, and Pilates where you have to wear casual clothing.

Would you recommend any treatments for my 8-year-old?

Our thalasso treatments are available from 14 years of age.

Can I go just to use the swimming pool?

The swimming pool on the 4th floor is exclusively accessible to the housed clientele.

Can I go just to use the Ocean Spa?

The Ocean Spa offers free access to the housed clientele at the hotel.

Is the thalassotherapy spa within the hotel?

The thalassotherapy spa is an integral part of the hotel and you can go there in a bathrobe from your room.

Do I have to provide a medical certificate?

You need a medical certificate for any treatment that lasts longer than 4 days.

Are there any contraindications to thalassotherapy?

There are some rare contraindications. Consult your doctor, sometimes this only concerns some treatments or make an appointment with our doctor if in doubt.

What time do the morning treatments start?

Treatments start at 9am.

What time do the afternoon treatments start?

Treatments start back up at 14h30.

Can I choose any massages or treatments to go with thalassotherapy once I’m there?

You can choose any treatment you want. They are charged based on what you choose. Find out more at our thalasso reception desk.

Are massages carried out by physiotherapists?

Under the Health and Serenity programme, massages will be carried out by physiotherapists, otherwise they are carried out by the hydrotherapy staff.

What cosmetic ranges do you offer?

The range of cosmetics we use comes from the Thalgo & Skinceuticals brands.

Questions for young mothers

Can I do any treatments during pregnancy?

Only some treatments are possible for pregnant women. Consult the Miramar La Cigale reservation service for more information.

Can I do any treatments while breastfeeding?

You can do treatments whilst breastfeeding, but avoid treatments that use essential oils.

How long after giving birth can I have thalassotherapy?

It is recommended to come 3 months after giving birth for your perineum to have gone back to normal.

What is the maximum age a child can stay in the bedroom with their parents?

Your child is allowed to sleep in your room until 12 yo.

Is there a crèche?

The Miramar La Cigale hotel has a creche which can welcome up to 3 children at one time every day. It is therefore recommended that you reserve a place as early as possible on our website or via telephone on 02 97 53  49 13.

Do you offer babysitting services?

If you give our concierge service 24-hour notice, we will be happy to offer you a babysitting service to suit you. Contact the conciergerie service.

What time does the crèche open its doors?

Our Les Petits Mousses crèche is open every day from 9h00 to 13h00 and from 14h to 19h.

Do you have special menus for kids?

Our restaurants offer a special kids’ menu with starters, mains and desserts. Your child will be able to choose whatever he/she wants.

Would you be able to provide us with baby equipment?

We can provide you with baby equipment. Just send us your request on our website or call 02 97 53 49 13.

Do you have any cots?

We can provide you with a cot in your room. Just send us your request on our website (link: or call 02 97 53 49 13.

Questions about my reservation

How can I book my stay?

You can book your stay online on our  website or call 02 97 53  49 13 or via email:

Can I book the same package deal online and on the phone?

You can book the same deals  both online or by phone. We also offer special exclusive offers on  the website.

What are the online payment methods?


Is online payment secure?

Paying online is completely secure and insured by our bank, BNP Paribas.  Our online reservation service protects the information you give with the help of secure forms and SSL certified systems.

Is it possible to change my online reservation?

You cannot amend your online reservation, contact the reservation service directly on 02 97 53 49 13 for any amendments.

How much do I have to pay in advance when making a booking?

To be able to confirm your reservation, we ask you to make an advanced payment  of 30% of the total price of your stay or 100% when you book a stay without spa with the advance payment rate.

What are the cancellation charges on my reservation?

For any cancellations made 15 days before the start of your stay, your deposit will be refunded (-50 Euros for administrative costs per person). If you cancel less than 15 days before your stay, your deposit will be kept and will be able to be reused for any new reservation within a 6-month period. In cases of no-shows, your deposit will be kept.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reservation and get a refund for your deposit more than 15 days before your stay. However, the 50-Euro administrative costs per person will not be refunded.

How can I cancel a reservation?

Contact the reservation service directly on 02 97 53 49 13 for any cancellations.

Do you offer cancellation insurance?

We do not have cancellation insurance.

Questions about the hotel

Do you rent out bikes?

Bikes are available at the Miramar La Cigale hotel for €5 for half a day.

Do you have activities for kids around the hotel?

We have a list of activities on offer around our hotel. Our concierge service will suggest some activities according to your wishes.

How far away is it from the beach?

The beach is 100 m from the hotel.

Can we rent a car?

Our conciergerie service can rent a car out for you from Miramar La Cigale.

Does the hotel organise excursions to discover the region?

Our conciergerie service is at your disposal to organise any excursion you wish and to give you any advice you may need.

Do you have activities for kids around the hotel?

We have a list of activities on offer around our hotel. Our concierge service will suggest some activities according to your wishes.

Questions about my room

What time can I check into my room?

Your room will be available from 3pm.

What time do I have to check out?

You must check out of your room by midday on the day of departure.

Is there an extra charge for cats or dogs in the room?

Cats and/or dogs are allowed at a rate of €20 a day.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome at Miramar La Cigale (with a supplement of 20 € / day, information from the Reservations Department) provided that they are kept on a leash in the establishment. However access to the 4th floor of the hotel where the restaurants, the bar, the pool and the gym are located and at the thalassotherapy is strictly forbidden.

Does my room have a minibar?

All of Miramar La Cigale’s rooms have a minibar.

Are bottles of water provided in my room?

Miramar La Cigale provides a bottle of mineral water in your room.

Does my room have Wi-Fi?

Free, high-speed Wi-Fi is available in all the rooms at Miramar La Cigale.

Does my room have a safe?

All of our rooms have safes.

Do you offer room service?

Miramar La Cigale offers 24-hour room service.

Do you have rooms for people with disabilities?

There are two rooms for people with reduced mobility on every floor of Miramar La Cigale.

Can I get access to a computer at the hotel?

Miramar La Cigale has a business center on the first floor with two computers available.

Do you have safe, indoor parking?

Guests have access to safe, indoor parking for €15 a day and €80 for six days.

How big are your rooms?

Deluxe rooms at Miramar La Cigale are 24m2 and 27m2 . Our Junior suites are 45 m² and our Suites are between 50m2 and 80m2.

What facilities can I use during my stay?

You’ll have access to the panoramic swimming pool and jacuzzi, the gym and the Spa’s hammam.

Questions about the Residence Miramar La Cigale

What does booking an apartment give access to?

Booking an apartment at the Residence Miramar La Cigale only gives access to the pool on the 4th floor of the hotel and to the gym. However, you can access the Oceanic Spa by booking a spa treatment.

Is it necessary to reserve a parking space before my arrival?

No, you don’t need to reserve a parking space before your arrival at the Residence Miramar La Cigale. A dedicated place will be reserved in the underground parking for the duration of your stay.

Is the Residence away from the Hotel?

The Residence is located in front of Miramar La Cigale. It is necessary to cross the street to get there.

Do the apartments have a sea view?

Some apartments enjoy unobstructed views of the peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean.

Is there a swimming pool in the residence?

There is no swimming pool in the residence. You can go to the swimming pool on the 4th floor of the Miramar La Cigale by going to the hotel reception and changing in the changing rooms of the thalassotherapy center. Proper attire is required to cross the hotel and to get to the 4th floor pool.

What are the departure/arrival times?

Your apartment will be available from 5am and must be left by 12pm on day of departure.

Is there internet access in the apartments?

All apartments are equipped with free Wi-Fi internet access.

Is the cleaning of the apartment included in the price?

Cleaning will be done before your arrival and after your departure. If you want a daily cleaning, please contact our reservations department (100 € extra). For stays of more than 4 nights, mid-stay cleaning is included.

Can we order a Room Service?

It is not possible to order a Room Service at the Residence Miramar La Cigale.

Does the Residence has a valet service ?

Valet service is available to park your vehicle (extra charge).

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in the Residence Miramar La Cigale (20 € per day extra).

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