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Say Yes to raw Vegetables Juices !

Raw vegetable juice is one of the most regenerating drinks you can find!

Because it’s RAW:

Enzymes are the essence of life. All chronic inflammatory diseases, ageing, are caused by a deficit in enzymes. When you cook your food above 48°C, the enzymes are destroyed, as well as most of the vitamins it contains, physico-chemical components secreted by plants to protect them against aggressions and enable us to boost our immune system, and amino acids.


Because it’s a JUICE:

What tires out your body is excess fermentation due in part to vegetal fibres that we are unable to breakdown, as we are not ruminants, at least not where our digestive system is concerned. The extraction of cellulose that occurs when making the juice is the key to the benefits of this drink.

When you drink, or rather chew vegetable juice, vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino-acids, reach your bloodstream within 10 minutes, with no digestive effort, with no bloating you may feel when you eat too many raw vegetables.

The result is that the absorbed nutriments serve only to fuel your cellular regeneration and not to fuel your digestive system.

IMPORTANT: this is quite different from ‘Smoothies’ where fruits and raw vegetables are crushed in a blender, as the cellulose is still present even though it is fragmented.

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Dietetics and nutrition

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