Marine spirulina contains all the amino acids that are found in the human body. This living organism promotes intestinal probiotic activity and brings the body essential nutrients to assist with better recovery after illness. Spirulina is a treasure trove of vitamin proteins, minerals and enzymes.

As a premiere, Miramar La Cigale proposes a range of treatments and cares based on a strain of living spirulina that is fresh and cultivated in sea water, produced locally by Spiru’Breizh based in Sarzeau.

You can try out marine spirulina with our Spiru’Breizh facial treatment, a powerful antioxidant, and in our Thalasso wraps as part of the seaweed extracts, or even on your plate as a sweet or savoury dish at our restaurant le Safran.

Freshwater Spirulina traditionally comes in the form of tablets, capsules, dried powder or flakes, which inevitably means some of the vitality has been lost (enzymes and heat-sensitive vitamins).

Spiru’Breizh cultivates the algae in dynamised sea water, which is unique as this enhances the truly exceptional qualities of marine Spirulina.

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